It Is Now Easier To Lose Your Excess Belly Fat

Believe it or not, 99% of individuals trying to get rid of their belly fat go about it completely the wrong way.

The truth is, attempting to lose your belly fat with wishful thinking and hoping your problem will vanish is never going to allow you to lose the stomach fat you have been carrying around for years and years.

The worst thing is that every week your clothes keep getting tighter and tighter, and you are really not sure where to turn or who to listen to.

Relying on advice from famous so-called fitness gurus who attempt to sell you fancy equipment that isn’t effective and winds up gathering dust in your garage is yet another means of failing to lose weight.

Then there are the magical weight loss pills.  You usually end up adding more fat rather than losing it, which is very discouraging to say the least.

So let’s dig into the problem a bit deeper.

Everybody hates belly fat.  However, belly fat absolutely loves your waistline!

Individuals, maybe including you, go to great lengths to look for easy and fast ways to get rid of stomach fat.

However, there are three major reasons why you are not burning or losing belly fat:

1.  You are trying to use ab machines to lose your belly fat.

There are gadgets out there that promise you can lose belly fat by just wearing an ab buzzer on your waist.  This is very ineffective and does not help people burn belly fat.

To get real results that will last, it is necessary to train like a real person, not by trying to rely on potions, pills or gadgets.

2.  You are trying to burn bell fat to reveal your abs by doing crunches.

For many years there has been extensive research done on this subject.  Scientific results reveal that you need to do 22,000 crunches just to lose one pound of stomach fat.

My advice to you is to not worry about crunches if your abs are covered by belly fat.  You will not get the results or body you want from doing a staggering number of crunches.

3.  Your workouts don’t provide you with real after burn that is necessary for maximizing fat loss.

If you do not burn calories following your workouts as well as through the remainder of the day, then you need to makes some changes right away.

You have a choice.  You can do thousands of crunches that don’t produce real results or after effect.  The other option is you can use a rapid fat loss workout that only takes 15 minutes to give your body what it really needs to burn belly fat.

Martial Abs Afterburners: The Solution

To lose the most belly fat in the shortest time possible, your metabolism needs to be turned into a fat burning machine that operates on a 24/7 basis.  The best way to accomplish this is through Metabolic Interval Training.

Interval abs afterburner workouts allow you to keep burning fat for as much as 38 hours following your workout.

This is referred to as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPOC.

After you have performed a high intensity workout such as Martial Abs Afterburners, in the 24 to 38 hours that follow, your body goes into overdrive, working to restore things to a steady state.  In order to do this, your body needs to replenish any fuels that you have used, repair muscle damage and remove waste byproducts from your muscle cells.

Calories are needed to accomplish this, which keeps your body burning fat as it works to repair and restore your body hours after you have completed your workout.

There is proven science that backs this up:

European researchers, in a study conducted in 2002, measured how long the fat burning effect lasted.  They carefully measured oxygen consumption both before and following an intense workout.  This allowed them to determine that there was still an EPOC effect 38 hours following a workout.

That is the equivalent to increased fat burning for more than one and a half days.

It is quite amazing.  Now you will start to understand the reason why so many people are doing this.

Getting your dream body really isn’t as hard as it might seem seem at first.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is, until now you undoubtedly have been falling for the same trap that keeps millions of individuals from quickly burning belly fat and losing weight.

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